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#2101 Wheelbarrow of Wine

Friend of Rotary

Here is a great start to your holiday celebrations with these 30 bottles of local and international wines. The wheelbarrow is not included with this item. Thank you to the members of the Rotary Club of Windsor-St.Clair who are thrilled to be celebrating the 34th year of the Rotary TV Auction.

Value: 350.00

Sold for
$ 350

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#2102 2 Spitfires vs. Kitchener, Dec 11 + parking, gift pkg

St. Clair Alumni Association

Thanks to St. Clair College Alumni Association for this Spitfires and Alumni gift package. See the Windsor Spitfires play the Kitchener Rangers on Saturday, December 11 at 7:05 pm at the WFCU Centre. The two seats are Section 114, Row G, Seats 7 and 8. Also included are a VIP parking pass in Lot #2, a hoodie - size large, two St. Clair College mugs, a reusable bag and SWAG. The St. Clair College Alumni Association wants you to stay connected with your Association.

Value: 130.00

Sold for
$ 70

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#2103 Philips Sonicare Smart Power Toothbrush Kit

Little River Dental

Thanks to Dr. Matt Duronio & Staff at Little River Dental for a Philips Diamond Clean Smart Sonicare Power Toothbrush, model HX9944/11 with handle, charger, 2 brush heads, 1 travel case, and Bluetooth with Wi-Fi capabilities. A complete system for healthier teeth and gums for an overall clean mouth, and a healthier you!

Value: 249.00

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$ 125

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#2104 Gift Certificate for Faerhaven Products


Faerhaven's handcrafted personal care products reflect a simpler time, when people used nature's gifts and lived chemical-free. Their all-natural soaps are made in small batches, the old-fashioned way, which ensures freshness and eliminates the need for chemical preservatives They offer many other products including solid hand cream, Bugzzz Away insect repellant, peppermint foot refresher and lip balm. Thanks to Joy at Faerhaven in Harrow for this $100 gift certificate.

Value: 100.00

Sold for
$ 55

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#2105 Garmin GPS Golf Watch

Baker Tilly

Thanks to Baker Tilly on Devonshire Road Windsor - who have your game - for this Garmin Golf Approach® S12, a golf watch designed to turn on when you tee off. It uses GPS for better accuracy, provides yardages and can help you keep score — all from your wrist. Baker Tilly Canada Cooperative is one of the country’s largest associations of chartered professional accounting firms, with a longstanding reputation for value-added audit, tax and advisory solutions.

Value: 260.00

Sold for
$ 155

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#2106 Urban Poling Activator Walking Poles

Tenzer Primeau Health Group

Tenzer Primeau Health Group is a women-owned physiotherapy company that aims to inspire physical health and well-being through innovative and genuine care. Services include physiotherapy, massage, social work, acupuncture, as well as specialized comprehensive concussion assessment and treatment. The Tenzer group has generously donated a set of the patented Urban Poling ACTIVATOR® Walking Poles which are specifically designed for balance and taking more pressure off your back and lower joints while walking. Happy walking!

Value: 106.00

Sold for
$ 85

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#2107 2 Richard Shorty Prints: "Octopus", "Eagle & Salmon"

Friend of Rotary

Thanks to a friend of Rotary for these limited edition prints by indigenous artist Richard Shorty. Richard is a self-taught artist who was raised in Whitehorse, Yukon and moved to Vancouver in 1978. Richard’s unique style combines elements of traditional and contemporary design. He is an extremely versatile artist, having worked on drums, paddles, masks, boxes and rattles as well as his paintings. His pieces are collected nationwide. The first print is titled "Octopus" (#27 of 58) which measures 17 5/8" x 23 1/8", and the second print is titled "Eagle & Salmon" (#27 of 38) which measures 17.5" x 23".

Value: 150.00

Sold for
$ 81

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#2108 Devonshire Mall Gift Certificate

Devonshire Mall

With 150 stores, services and great places to eat, Devonshire Mall is Windsor's premiere shopping destination. This $100 gift card can be used to make purchases at authorized retailers at the Devonshire Mall.

Value: 100.00

Sold for
$ 100